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Grow and invest in the region

MedCity can support you to find the right investment, financial advice and business support for your business and innovation.

We will help to guide and partner you with resources such as MedCity Angels, Grants and Investment Workshops. If you are looking to advance your business in a highly competitive life science market, we are determined to support your mission.

Developing your innovation

Our role is to connect innovators, funders and researchers and help simplify the complexities of the regional ecosystem for companies developing innovations for the health and care sector.

We can help you understand how to navigate the NHS, conduct clinical trials and understand how to generate evidence for adoption into the NHS.

Access to finance

There are a variety of different ways for growing companies to access finance in the region. Find out more about some of the routes below, or contact us directly for expert advice.

Non-dilutive funding

Early-stage ventures can access non-dilutive and dilutive funds through grants and private equity, respectively.

There are many grants available from the public and charity sectors and getting one de-risks the company further from an investor’s perspective, which helps to secure finance at later stages.

The following organizations are a good place to start when looking for a grant to develop your technology:

  • Association of Medical Research Charities
  • Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
  • Wellcome Trust
  • Innovate UK
  • Small Business Research Initiative for Healthcare (SBRI)
  • National Institute for Health Research Invention for Innovation (NIHR i4i)

Grant opportunities

You can find more grant opportunities on the UK government website. For grant writing, you can also talk to the Research Design Service (RDS). The RDS provides support to SMEs and health and social care researchers across England on all aspects of developing and writing a grant application.

Another option for non-dilutive funding (meaning no equity is given in exchange for capital) are loans, although for life sciences companies it tends to be more easily accessed at later stages of development where more risk has been mitigated.

Dilutive funding

The other options for funding are crowdfunding, angel investment, venture capital, corporate investment or family offices. Each has different approaches, timescales and support they can give to start-ups. It is important to choose wisely who to bring on board as an investor in an early-stage venture.

Supporting growth

The region is a nurturing environment that strengthens and supports company growth in the sector. London, in particular, is the location where more Life Science companies receive investment.

Supporting this growth, the south east houses most of the healthcare-focused investors:
• Abingworth
• Advent Life Sciences
• SV Health Investors
• Apposite Capital
• Arix Bioscience

As well as funds such as:
• Future of Health fund from Octopus Ventures
• Dementia Discovery Fund
• Life Arc Seed fund focused on patient impact

London skyline with Shard

Angel groups

Several of the angel groups investing in healthcare are also located in the south east:
• Cambridge Angels
• Cambridge Capital Group
• 24 Haymarket
• Oxford Investment Opportunity Network (OION)
• Startup Funding Club
• S100 Club

As well as crowdfunding (like Shadow Foundr) platforms.

Investment hub

Our Investment Hub connects life sciences and healthcare start-ups and early-stage companies to investors. We enable our broad network of investors to review and invest in the best start-ups, encouraging more investment in the sector in our region. We support investment in the following:






We have access to a selective network of experts and investors in various areas connected to healthcare and life sciences. Our community of investors includes several types of investors such as venture capital firms, corporate investors, family offices, angel groups and crowdfunding representatives.

Within our investor network, there is also a strong community of high net worth individuals, that support our MedCity Angels programme. Since launch in October 2015, our angel investment programme has supported over 80 companies and helped raise circa £30M, with around £6M from our angels.

Investment hub
for startups

We can provide an overview of funding options, better understanding of the funding ecosystem and connect to the relevant sources of finance whether it is investment or grant funding. We connect our community of entrepreneurs to suitable investment by hosting company showcases and sharing relevant quality opportunities with our investment network.

In the particular area of angel funding, we provide access to our MedCity angels programme, a group of angel investors, VCs and family offices interested in pre-seed and seed-stage companies. Check the Programme page for the next call for applications.

We also provide an education and experience sharing about fundraising in this sector and general support to early-stage companies through expert workshops. Keep an eye on our Events section for the next entrepreneur workshop.

Investment hub
for investors

We connect our community of investors by hosting company showcases and sharing relevant quality opportunities for investment with the network. Through our network we are able to provide market-relevant and quality company showcases (check the Events section for the next showcase), signposting and broker connections to innovative and quality startups.

With the support of partners or on a commercial basis we host company showcases to display what best the UK has to offer in early-stage startups in healthcare and life sciences. They focus on different topics and can target different audiences of investors. If you are part of an investor group/institution interested in a specific area of life sciences or healthcare (therapeutics, digital health, diagnostics, advanced therapies, femtech, wearables, etc…) get in touch.

We also host investor workshops to provide an education and experience sharing about investing in the sector. Keep an eye on our Events section for the next investor workshops.

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