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Advances in Clinical Trials- ‘Faster and Better’

14 Oct 2021
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


MedCity and NIHR are organising their inaugural event to promote collaboration between companies and NHS Foundation Trusts to demonstrate ‘the art of the possible’ and to promote shared learning between those sites that are already engaged in novel ways to conduct trials.

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Clinical trials are a fundamental tool used to evaluate the efficacy and safety of new drugs and medical devices and other health system interventions.

The traditional clinical trials system acts as a quality funnel for the development and implementation of new drugs, devices, and health system interventions. The concept of a “digital clinical trial” involves leveraging digital technology to improve participant access, engagement, trial-related measurements, and/or interventions, enable concealed randomized intervention allocation, and has the potential to transform clinical trials and to lower their cost.

The current methods for transferring Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems used for clinical trials and EHRs continue to be manual, open to transcription errors, wasteful and restricting to our ability to trial and launch life-saving treatments for patients.

This is an opportunity to learn about the advances in technology being used to accelerate trials at hospital sites.

Specifically, we will be exploring innovative ways in which the huge burden of manual data entry can be reduced by bridging the hospital’s EPR (Electronic Patient Record) and EDC (Electronic Data Capture) systems.

The symposium will feature perspectives from NHS Foundation Trusts, NIHR, The European Institute of Innovation via Health Data  as well as company case studies to explore the opportunities of EHR2EDC.

If you are part of a Research & Development team, join us and the global thought leaders in this space, in a discussion on the opportunities and challenges this presents.

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