"Life sciences and healthcare is at the heart of the economic agenda across the ‘golden triangle’ in the greater south east of England

The reason for this is simple – we are home to incredible strength, breadth and depth in life sciences, with world-class higher education institutions, leading specialist and teaching hospitals, a pipeline of investments into infrastructure, a dynamic industrial base of large and small companies.

All of this is backed by a professional and vibrant community of service companies and thrives in a political and fiscal environment that understands life sciences.

MedCity’s unifying aim is to deliver economic growth in this rich sector and nurture an environment in which all parts of the industry – from biotech and diagnostics to medical devices and digital health, from fledging start-ups to multinationals – can thrive. New investments, new companies and new products.

Whatever your type of company or stage of growth, whether you are new to the region or already working here, we can help guide and support you to successfully do business here.

MedCity is your little black book for the golden triangle – I and my team look forward to working with you.”

Dr Eliot Forster, Executive Chair, MedCity

How we can help you

MedCity is supporting entrepreneurs, SMEs, major industry and investors to do business in the region.

The team can offer a range of advice and guidance on issues including:

  • Finding the right space, equipment, expertise and partners
  • Raising finance from a range of sources
  • Making the most of tax incentives encouraging business and innovation
  • Investment opportunities in life sciences

Find information on our website or contact us to arrange a one to one meeting.

Current focuses

Since its launch in April 2014, MedCity’s work has focused on supporting both international companies and home-grown entrepreneurs to do business in the region.

Activities include promoting life sciences within the investment community by building a community of angel investors and partnering with the London Stock Exchange to engage generalist brokers and investors.

It is leading work to position London as a leading centre for digital health research and entrepreneurship, and supporting entrepreneurs and emerging companies to understand the route to market, for example by mapping innovation adoption paths in the National Health Service.

It is also working with companies to help them find the right accommodation, partners, and expertise in the region, as well as guide them through the regulatory frameworks.