MedCity, in collaboration with its partners, produces various reports and reference publications on the biosciences in the region, which can be found below.

Annual Report 2017/18(August 2018)
Accessing Cell and Gene Therapy Research Expertise (March 2018)
The Genomics Revolution (January 2018)
The Neuroscience Network – Neurodegenerative disease research in the region (Mar-2017)
Accessing research and Clinical Expertise in London and the South East Research Cambridge, London, Oxford and the Greater South East (Feb-2017)
A Digital Health Hub: Discover Cambridge, London and Oxford for digital health (Oct-2016)
Planning for Growth – Demand for Healthcare R&D Space in London: a major study assessing the demand for healthcare R&D space in London (Feb-2016)
Cell and gene therapy in Cambridge, London and Oxford: An invitation to collaborate (2015)
London’s life sciences in focus – At the heart of the economic agenda (2015)