MedCity angels investment programme manager Joana Neves dos Reis shares some insight into the company selection process for our pitching events.

The MedCity angels programme connects start-ups in healthcare and life sciences to specialised angel investors in this space. We organise up to three company showcases a year and as a result see dozens of applications from exciting companies with very innovative ideas.

Nonetheless not all are necessarily at the right stage, delivering the right solution or solving the right problem. Sometimes it is an innovative idea, but we need to ask more questions and have further evidence that there is a need for the proposed solution.

Recently to illustrate how we select companies, I gave a presentation to the MedCity team where I provided examples of companies that applied to the programme and how they were evaluated. To also help our potential future applicants understand how we evaluate investment opportunities we created this quiz to share some of this with you.

Although many factors are considered when selecting companies for serious potential investment, “Would you Invest?” gives a simplistic and fun example of our thought process.

Would you invest? Take the quiz. 

The next MedCity pitching event will take place on 14 May at Octopus Investments. Find out more here.