Join us on 11 March 2020 for an exclusive ATN event on ATMP manufacturing in the UK, with leading academic and industry expert panellists.

Why ATMP Manufacturing?

The UK is one of the leading sources of research and development in advanced therapies, with over 900 therapeutic developers, 1,060 clinical trials and 14 approved ATMPs (ARM and BIA 2019). With 25 manufacturing facilities across the UK, we are competitively positioned as a leading global hub in the field, but key challenges remain to be addressed, particularly when it comes to manufacturing at scale.

Investment, funding opportunities, viral vector manufacturing capacity and the right skills and talent are all challenges facing both academia and industry, whose capacity to translate research into clinical products is at critical levels.

This event will bring together leading academic and industry experts to discuss the current state of play in this landscape, along with the challenges and the way forward. We will also look at how to translate current ATMP manufacturing capabilities into clinical excellence, and the important role investment is playing in the race for global leader status.


  • 16:30 Registration, tea and coffee
  • 17:00 Opening Remarks – Dr Francesca Gliubich, Director of London Advanced Therapies
  • 17:10 Session 1: The ATMP manufacturing landscape in the UK and the current challenges
    • 17:10 – Keynote – Ian McCubbin, OBE, Chair RoslinCT and Manufacturing advisory group Innovate
    • 17:25 – Panel Discussion
        • Prof Uta Griesenbach, Imperial College London
        • Matthew Durdy, CBO, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
        • Dr James Miskin, CTO, Oxford Biomedica
        • Prof Farzin Farzaneh, King’s College London
        • Peter Coleman, CEO, Cobra Biologics
        • Dr Mike Scott, COO, Advent Bioservices
  • 18:10 Session 2: Translating the UK ATMP manufacturing capabilities to clinical excellence and the role of investment
    • 18:10 – Keynote – Dr Eliot Forster, CEO, F- Star and Chairman, MedCity
    • 18:25 – Panel Discussion
      • Prof Emma Morris, UCL and UCLH
      • Dr Jacqueline Barry, CSO, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult
      • Prof Andrew Baker, University of Edinburgh
      • Prof Adrian Thrasher, UCL
      • Dr Catriona Crombie, LifeArc
    • 19:10 Closing Remarks – Dr Pamela Tranter, Head, Translational Research, UCL
    • 19:20 – 20:30 Networking reception

This is an Advanced Therapies Network exclusive member event – join the network now to attend.