A MIT-King's College London collaborative summit will look at how we can work together to create a safer, healthier, more prosperous world through innovation & entrepreneurship in healthcare.

On 22 May 2019 MIT and King’s College London are engaging entrepreneurs, academics, healthcare professionals, and policy makers from around the world in an all-day summit about Building Sustainable Healthcare Systems through Innovation and Entrepreneurship – An inclusive and global conversation.

This collaborative MIT-Kings summit is an opportunity to showcase the ways in which change agents can champion sustainable, scalable and quality solutions to critical global health challenges while understanding the partnerships and underlying system that makes progress possible.

Attendees will hear about the opportunities and challenges that today’s innovators and entrepreneurs face, especially in the context of Low and Middle Income Countries (LAMIC), and examine how each of us can leverage our strengths and work together to maximize impact on the ground.

The summit will be an opportunity to explore ways in which we can work together to strengthen healthcare ecosystems and better equip this generation and the next to innovate, collaborate and improve healthcare systems at home and abroad. 

The event is taking place at Bush House and the summit website provides details of the agenda and speakers, including Lord Nigel Crisp, Professor Fiona Murray, Sir Robert Lechler, and other entrepreneurs, innovators, and ecosystem contributors. 

Amongst the speakers will be Dr Bhavagaya Bakshi, CEO and co-founder of C the Signs, Mayor of London MedTech Business Award for Partnership with the NHS .  Register for the Summit