The second Advanced Therapies Network event on 14 May 2019 will bring together speakers from the investor community and industry to talk about the investment journey for an advanced therapies company.

Companies working in this sector require a unique type of investor who believes in the huge potential of advanced therapies and who is prepared to work closely with the company to help them reach this potential.

The event will bring together speakers from a range of organisations who have invested in advanced therapies companies such as Orchard Therapeutics and Autolus. It will also present the investment experience from the company perspective with insight from two companies working in advanced therapies. 

The event will be held at 5.30 pm on 14 May 2019 at the Silicon Valley Bank, Moorgate, London.

What is the recipe for an advanced therapies unicorn?

A unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion which is highly desirable but very rare. Even rarer in the advanced therapies sector that is unique in the challenges it faces.

A panel of investors will discuss their own ‘recipes for an advanced therapies unicorn’, in terms of what they look for in a company and how they work with that company to try to make sure it reaches its full potential. The speakers on the panel are:

As with any culinary venture, there may be situations when not all the ingredients are available or the environment in which they are cooking is particularly demanding so the panel will also discuss how they have coped with the real-life challenges that the advanced therapies sector poses.

Company Perspective

The event will also include an industry perspective with speakers from two advanced therapies companies:

The speakers will talk about the investment challenges the companies have faced, how they have worked with investors and what they think are the essential ingredients for a unicorn in the advanced therapies sector.

Advanced Therapies Network

This event is the second of four events held this year which are open to the network’s members.

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RegMedNet will be attending the event to film some of the speakers. RegMedNet is a community site that provides content and discussion on regenerative medicine. Its sister journal is Regenerative Medicine.