The 2018 MedTech London Directory, by SEHTA, the GLA, and MedCity, contains 327 London-based MedTech companies which have been classified according to 21 sub-sectors. It aims to identify who is in the sector, where they are and what they do.

Download the MedTech Directory here

London is a global city and a powerhouse of scientific innovation and research. Its financial centre, pro-business fiscal environment, with incentives such as R&D tax credits and the Patent Box, and a strong presence of business incubators, supports investment and business growth. London boasts one of the world’s best clusters of medical research facilities, comprising internationally-renowned universities, hospitals and a huge and diverse NHS patient population. All this provides a highly supportive environment for the commercialisation and application of health technology. Indeed, London accommodates some of the most innovative health technology companies with particular excellence in areas such as digital health.

London’s MedTech sector is sizeable at 327 firms. In 2015, the Greater London Authority (GLA) collaborated with the South East Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA) and MedCity to identify who was in the cluster and what support they needed to grow. Over the past three years, this collaboration – ‘MedTech London’ – has responded to the sector’s growth needs through providing networking opportunities, support in accessing the market (for example, through Innovation Surgeries on how to access the NHS) and training workshops (such as on cost-benefit analysis).

MedTech London, funded primarily by the GLA, aims to help London realise its potential in health technology for the economic benefit of London, its companies and the health benefits of its population. The foundations of this endeavour are the health technology companies, particularly the Small and Medium – sized Enterprises (SMEs – companies with fewer than 250 employees) and the need to enable greater collaboration across the sector to spur further innovation and bring new products and services to market.

This MedTech London Review and Directory starts to identify who is in the sector, where they are and what they do. The document also offers comment on particular sub-sectors which are emerging, and some thoughts for the future.

Please contact Clare Ansett if you would like to be added to the directory.