DigitalHealth.London has been commissioned by RYSE Asset Management LLP to provide screening and evaluation of promising early-stage digital health businesses that show the potential to address health and care needs. The campaign starts soon - read below to find out more and get involved.

Using their extensive networks and market knowledge of the health and care sector, DigitalHealth.London will provide expertise that assesses the feasibility of and clinical needs met by applicants with a view to introducing a small number of these companies to RYSE Asset Management. They will be looking for companies across a wide spectrum including;

• Telehealth and care – covering activity/fall monitoring, remote medication management, long-term condition monitoring and video consultation

• mHealth – covering wearables or apps for medical or wellness and fitness

• Health Analytics – covering genomics, precision medicine or data analytics such as imaging, health data, health status, population health, readmission rates, bed occupancy or procurement data

• Digitised health systems – covering patient or provider held digital records or devices and diagnostics

The campaign is due to launch soon and will run for just a few weeks. So, if you’re an early stage digital health business in any of these areas, are looking for growth and would like to get involved in this exciting opportunity, keep an eye on DigitalHealth.London and Twitter feed for more details.

There will be links to the application portal, as well as FAQs and more information about Ryse Asset Management LLP when they launch the campaign – so stay tuned!