MedCity exists to promote and grow the world-leading life sciences cluster of The Golden Triangle - encouraging and promoting life sciences investment, entrepreneurship, and industry across Cambridge, London and Oxford. We offer a front door service to the region by working closely with our partners: Cambridge Health Partners, King’s Health Partners, Imperial College Academic Health Science Centre, the Mayor of London, Oxford Academic Health Science Centre and UCL Partners.

Our new blog series shines a spotlight on each of our partners and provides readers with a snapshot of their priorities. Second up is Malcolm Lowe-Lauri CBE, Executive Director at Cambridge University Health Partners.

“The last year has seen a real sense of momentum build for Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP), as we look to tackle the healthcare challenges which face us all.

The shift occurred as we strengthened our position as the body responsible for uniting a world leading university and three internationally renowned NHS Foundation Trusts. Our mission to turn possibilities into better healthcare has been supported by a strategic review which involved consultation with industry, academia and the health sector to define five priority areas as our future focus.

They are:

  • Systematic conversion from discovery to development
  • A clear platform in later stage translation
  • A strong focus on data science
  • Education and re-education, with emphasis on clinical informatics training
  • Development of Cambridge Biomedical Campus role in the UK knowledge economy

The new strategy strengthens our capacity to manage collaboration between academia, industry and healthcare, to ensure discovery science can be more effectively translated into research, trials and ultimately commercialisation.

The priority areas provide possibilities and opportunities.

For example, in terms of geography, infrastructure and ethos, Cambridge is ready and willing to engage with partners in Oxford, London and the East of England to further the UK’s ambitions. We realise collaboration will achieve more than working in isolation. So coming together on research, creating data lakes and realising the benefits of education is logical – bringing clarity and focus in a world which is often complex and difficult to navigate. A key partner for us in this is the Eastern Academic Health Science Network. We are working closely with Steve Feast and his team.

To move the five priority areas forward at a local level, we are working to draw together the members of the Cambridge Biomedical Campus (CBC) to create a fully functioning healthcare precinct.

To this end, we have been working in partnership with the developers for part of the Biomedical Campus to better plan and coordinate the expansion of the site and cement Cambridge as the Capital of UK Life Sciences.

We are now working to attract potential tenants to build on CBC’s existing strengths or fit in with two new concepts: a revolutionary Cancer Ecosystem and the creation of a MedTech hub on the Campus.

The Ecosystem will fulfil many purposes. In particular, it will accelerate the delivery of the mission of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Cancer Centre – to end death and disease caused by Cancer, through research, treatment and education.

The MedTech hub would be a major national centre for the development of technology for health services in a partnership with the Cambridge Technology Cluster, the Medical Devices Industry, the University of Cambridge, Cambridge University Hospitals Foundation Trust, Cambridge and Peterborough Foundation Trust, and Papworth Foundation Trust.

At the heart of all our work from the five priority areas to delivering a health precinct is the patient. They are the people we must work for – it is their lives we aim to help.”

Malcolm Lowe-Lauri CBE is Executive Director at Cambridge University Health Partners and a Fellow in Health Management at the Judge’s Centre for Health Leadership and Enterprise.

You can find out more about Cambridge University Health Partners at

Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) is one of six Academic Health Science Centres in England whose mission is to improve patient healthcare by bringing together the NHS, industry and academia. The Partners are the University of Cambridge, Cambridge and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.