MedCity has joined up with FTI Consulting to create an online knowledge portal, N-Site, for UK life sciences companies to find up-to-date information on tax developments within the industry. Members can access key documents, guidance and legislative developments relevant to their life sciences business, ensuring that they have the right information to help them make critical strategic decisions.

The aim of N-Site is to be the primary hub of tax information for UK-based Life Science companies – from embryonic start-ups to established multinationals. FTI Consulting’s Life Sciences team offers in-depth knowledge of the tax challenges that confront companies in this sector, helping them to mitigate tax risk and minimise costs.

Their guidance and insight is based on information which has already been asked for by others. Through this sharing of critical insight and knowledge, members are accessing the most up-to-date and relevant information.

Free access

They are making their resources available free of charge to:

1) Academics looking to establish a new commercial venture

2) Employees of early stage companies that fulfil both of the following conditions:

  1. Less than £2m annual sales
  2. Less than £5m funds raised (in aggregate)

All companies can sign up for a free trial period of six months.

Members will receive:

  • Credits to request a new Guidance Note*
  • Access to all existing research and Guidance Notes
  • Access to their experts for advice and guidance

*Subject to annual subscription thresholds

Read more and sign up here.