MedCity's angel investing programme, Angels in MedCity, held its eighth pitching event this month; bringing together seven investment-ready businesses with over 150 life sciences' investors. Held in the scientific symbol of innovation and collaboration that is the Francis Crick Institute - home to 1500 scientists and support staff working together across multiple disciplines - it was the most well-attended pitching event in our two year history.

The event saw the selected companies, ranging from digital health to drug discovery and diagnostics, present their nine minute pitches to a room full of enthusiastic specialist investors. After short introductions by Sir David Roblin, COO at The Crick and Anthony Clarke, CEO at London Business Angels; Sarah Haywood, CEO of MedCity kicked off the pitching.

Find out who the 7 pitching companies are below:

Nuclear Nucleics
Nuclera Nucleics operates within the DNA synthesis market and has developed an innovative way to generate highly accurate and ultra-long strands of DNA at a fraction of the time taken by the status-quo. Their next-generation DNA synthesis platform aims to provide the life sciences community with rapid access to highly accurate functional DNA molecules, accelerating current research pipelines and enabling new opportunities.  The DNA synthesis market has an expected market value of over £300bn, with new opportunities developing over the past few years, within DNA data-storage, agrobiotechnology and synthetic biology. The company’s founders are currently seeking funding for further R&D, automation innovation, business development and team expansion.

This digital health company offers an online platform that helps families find and contact local live-in carers for people with dementia. The revenue-generating company has received backing from major European venture capital funds and has developed a user-friendly, scalable platform. The company operates in a market worth over £2.5bn in the UK and is the UK’s most trusted online home care service, according to TrustPilot. The company is looking for investment in order to scale up carer on-boarding, enhance demand-side marketing and invest further in its technology platform.

AI Discovery (formerly Cyclofluidic)
AI Discovery operates within drug discovery and has integrated automation, miniaturisation and machine learning to deliver proprietary research services within molecular synthesis for drug discovery. The underlying technology has received over £5.5m in grants and equity and has strategic investments from big pharmaceutical industry leaders. The company generated circa £800k in revenues last year and has over 20 paying customers in the pharmaceutical industry. The company is currently looking for investment to enhance the commercialisation of its technology and invest in working capital for larger facilities.

Momentum Bioscience
This early-stage company operates within the Sepsis diagnostic market by providing early detection of the presence and absence of bloodstream infections. They have created a novel and rapid molecular diagnostic tool that provides highly accurate results in just 18 hours, which is significantly faster than the current 5 to 6 days that it currently takes. The company’s underlying technology has received over £1.4m in grants and attained 7 patent families. This rapid diagnostics test offers a solution to the ever-growing issue of Antimicrobial Resistance and operates with a significant addressable market with Sepsis being the single most expensive condition treated in the US, costing over $20bn per year. The company is looking for investment in order to complete analytical and clinical data to support product development for potential partners, with the aim to sign high value partner licences over the coming year.

This young medical device company is developing an innovative technique for magnetic blood filtration that can remove specific components from blood, in order to treat blood-borne diseases. This technique offers a novel solution to cure diseases such as Malaria, Leukaemia and Sepsis in large and growing addressable markets such as India and Nigeria. The company currently has two patents pending, has received over £300k in grants and aims to attain CE marking this year. The company is seeking investment in order to complete clinical trials and productise the treatment for malaria, complete POC for Leukaemia/Sepsis and expand its team.

Dem Dx
This early-stage company offers a digital clinical support tool for healthcare professionals, helping to improve the diagnosis process and ensure more targeted referrals/investigations in the primary care settings. The company has developed proprietary algorithms for diagnostic decision making, covering 11 specialities and 13,000 medical conditions, and has won £150k in Innovate UK grants. The company is looking for investment and will use the funds to rollout and commercialise the platform, build out AI functionality and complete efficacy trials in July.

This early-stage company operates within the insect repellent market and is currently developing two novel products; a bed bug lure for early detection of infestation and an insect repellent for use as tropical repellents, which will then compliment the formulation of long-lasting wearable applications. The company operates in a global insect repellent industry worth over $8.2bn and the total revenue earned from controlling bed bugs being over £300m in the US alone. The company currently has lifetime licences for three chemical compounds for both bed bugs and insect repellents from academic institutions that cover a breadth of countries across the world. The company is looking for investment to fund later-stage development activities and take these projects through to licensing. The company hopes to generate substantial revenues from bed bug licences and thus may not require further future funding.

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