Spanish biotech company, Bionure, has raised over €1m via Capital Cell to become Spain’s largest ever life science equity crowdfunding campaign. Bionure will now be able to take the next step and begin its phase-I clinical trials for their novel first-in-class drug for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

Capital Cell, an equity crowdfunding platform for biotech projects, is currently expanding into the UK market and will be launching its new platform at the end of April with Angels in MedCity.

The capital raised from over 240 investors sharing 9.27% equity in the business will be used by the company to develop BN201, a promising first-in-class drug candidate to halt the development of multiple sclerosis. At present, there is no other drug with this dual role of neuroprotection and regeneration, making BN201 a unique product and a hope to 2.5 million multiple sclerosis patients worldwide, but also other neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

With more than €1m raised, this crowdfunding campaign is breaking records by becoming the largest amount raised on a life science equity crowdfunding platform to date, in Spain. Valued at 9,400,000€ and with an estimated ROI of 1400%, Bionure is now at 110% of its funding goal and keeps on rising.

“This is a fantastic representation of Capital Cell as a reputable equity investment platform, in the run up to our UK Launch. Considering the leading role of the UK in both equity crowdfunding and life science innovation, it was the logical place for Capital Cell to grow. Cambridge, as the widely considered life science hub of the country, is the perfect place to set our UK headquarters” says Daniel Oliver, Capital Cell CEO.

With the UK launch, Capital Cell aims to become the investment platform of reference for biotechnology, drug discovery, medical devices and therapeutics companies in Europe. Capital Cell’s UK web platform will be launching on 26th April at the Angels in MedCity pitching event at The Francis Crick Institute.

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