China-Britain Business Council and leading global IP consultancy Rouse launch a toolkit for ‘Innovation & Joint R&D in China’

The China-Britain Business Council and Rouse have partnered to publish a toolkit on ‘Innovation and Joint R&D in China’ to assist UK companies to navigate Intellectual Property (IP) issues in the China market.

China is on an innovation imperative to become a world leader in science and technology by 2050. Over US$200 billion is spent each year on R&D projects, the equivalent of 2% of the country’s GDP. This toolkit summarises key points relevant to IP for UK companies engaged in developing or commercialising technology in China.

The key topics covered include: R&D and related laws, Ownership of IP, Management of IP, as well as a number of case studies.

The toolkit is applicable to all sectors, but particularly technology and innovation driven industries, such as healthcare and life science businesses,  tech & digital and research incubators.

Equally innovation and joint R&D is important to universities, many of whom set up private companies that are mandated to commercialise IP on the university’s behalf.

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