IMAGINE IF! is the first truly global competition and accelerator programme designed to support deep technology startups. The accelerator is interested in technologies that are novel, high impact and have the ability to improve life through their application.

The IMAGINE IF! programme is organised by the Innovation Forum with support from MedCity to identify and accelerate disruptive ideas in the field of Deep Technology.

The accelerator will provide early-stage science-based ventures with extensive mentorship the potential to secure non-dilutive capital (main prize worth $30,000+), free laboratory space, free advice from leading professional services companies and extensive networking across the Innovation Forum platform.

Deep technology is defined as technology that can be applied to healthcare, environmental conservation and sustainability that aims to improve human or animal wellbeing. Examples include: new medicines, medical devices, new materials or engineering solutions helping to improve life or preserve the natural environment in a balanced state.

Winners will be awarded a $30,000 non-dilutive prize, access to a diverse range of world leading mentors, incubation and lab space and ongoing opportunities to pitch to venture capitalists post competition.

Final application deadline: 1st July 2016

Regional Competitions: March – July 2016, click here to check when local IMAGINE IF! events are taking place.

Global Pitch Final: 22 September 2016 during the Innovation Forum 2016

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