Planning for Growth – Demand for Healthcare R&D Space in London

MedCity is pleased to present a major new study assessing the demand for Healthcare R&D space in London

The report prepared by Creative Places and funded by the Greater London LEP examines the trends impacting demand for specialised research and development space, particularly laboratory space in London. London as part of the broader golden triangle of Oxford, Cambridge and the surrounding South East is, the report clearly shows the hub of life science research and development in Europe. The success of the sector is testament, the report shows – of both an unparalleled level of scientific capacity within a small and defined area, increasing levels of capital investment and the attractiveness of the regional to international scientific collaboration. New developments such as Imperial White City campus are helping to sustain this growth by offering much needed additional scientific space in the heart of the city.

The report is based on interviews with just under 100 companies and extensive international research. Among the key findings are that in the coming 3-5 years London will need to add a minimum of 250,000 square feet of specialised laboratory/incubation/grown on space to help meet the burgeoning demand both domestic spin-out and international. The report is a clear and resounding endorsement of the vitality of the life science sector of the region and makes the clear case for the interests of both the London and indeed the national economy – there is a need to ensure ongoing space to grow is in place to maximise this opportunity.

Access the full report here: MedCity – Planning for Growth Demand for Healthcare – R &D Space in London