UK companies setting the agenda in med tech and digital health will be showcasing their diverse solutions to a range of health challenges at this year's SXSW Festival, taking place 11-20 March in Austin, Texas

The companies will be joining GREAT Britain House, run by UKTI, which will be open over the first weekend of the festival for a range of exhibitions and events.

Digital health and med tech companies showing their wares include:

Touch Surgery

Based on the idea that ‘the decision comes before the incision’, Touch Surgery is an innovative mobile surgical simulator designed to help trainee surgeons learn the steps of operations, giving surgeons more confidence and improving patient safety. The company offers a range of simulations of surgical procedures including knee replacements, catheterisation, lumbar puncture and breast reconstruction that can be used to practice operations on an iPad by swiping and tapping the screen.

11 Health

One of the UK’s most prominent examples of patient-led innovation, 11 Health was founded by Michael Seres, the eleventh person in the UK to undergo a small bowel transplant. Following surgery he had to cope with the ongoing challenges of using a stoma bag, and was surprised to find how little technological advances had affected this basic medical device, particularly around the need to measure output volume and timings.

His product the Ostom-I Alert is the result of his experience as a patient; the device uses sensor technology that can easily be attached to any stoma bag and uses Bluetooth to send signals to a free mobile app. It automatically collates data that can be sent to a doctor, and alerts users to how full their bag is to avoid spillages.


Developing games to help people manage their health and motivate them to be more active, with products including Mage, an app that engages and rewards users for taking medication to schedule, and BitRun, a personalised game using activity from your FitBit that set individualised challenges and show how you are competing against other users.

Desktop Genetics

A software and bioinformatics company aiming to transform life sciences R&D through software, including their DESKGEN software platform that enables scientists to design genome editing experiments in any cell line, right from their desktop.

Genome editing, a technology used to modify the genetic code of cells, is revolutionising modern life sciences research and development. Scientists use genome editing to translate genomic information into medical breakthroughs and ultimately eradicate genetic diseases.

Desktop Genetics plays a central role in enabling the use this game changing technology. By optimising the use of DNA molecules and automating complex workflows, Desktop Genetics makes it easier and faster for scientists to design successful genome editing experiments.

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