A mobile app is giving people quick, easy access to medical advice, replacing and reducing the need to make time-consuming visits to GP surgeries

Now being used by around 250,000 people in the UK, the Babylon personal health service gives access to a team of registered GPs via an app who can answer questions, provide video consultations, and give ongoing advice and support for long-term issues such as weight loss or giving up smoking. The app also gives user the opportunity to monitor their health and keep medical records and information in one secure location.

The company offers a private service for individuals and businesses, with companies including Citigroup, Sky and MasterCard offering the service to employees, and is also working in partnership with selected NHS clinics to provide an alternative method for patients to see their GP – lessening pressure on traditional appointments, reducing waiting times and creating a more convenient service for users.

Dr Ali Parsa, Founder and CEO, says:

“Think about how archaic our approach and access to healthcare is. We live in one of the richest countries in the world with one of the best health services in the world and yet 1 in 5 of us cannot get a doctor at the time or place we need it. One of the founding principles of the NHS was to ensure that everyone has equal access to the best medical services available.

“Britain has the means, the know-how and the capability of making this happen. So we thought, what if we could deliver most of the healthcare people need on their mobile phone and that’s where the idea of babylon came from.”

In January 2016 Babylon raised £25m, the largest series A funding round in European digital healthcare, to develop the platform to use machine learning to analyse genetics, environment, behaviour and biology to provide users with real time personalised health advice when needed. The new platform, to be launched later this year, will also be able to monitor medicine use after it is prescribed and assess how effective the treatment has been.

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