Open innovation thinking, commitment to collaboration and action to match are the foundations on which the UK can transform healthcare, according to Professor Alan Barrell of Cambridge University’s Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning

Speaking at a Policy Forum for London event on developing London’s tech sector, MedCity Advisory Board member Professor Barrell argued that life sciences and technology combined can change the world of healthcare at all levels – but only if underpinned by an entrepreneurial mind-set.

The convergence of life sciences and technology are revolutionising healthcare, opening up opportunities for personalised medicine, better diagnostics and home rather than hospital-based treatments and solutions. The key to realising the full potential of this revolution, he says, is an approach that embraces collaboration rather than competition:

“This is an environment where open innovation, symbiosis, synergy, knowledge transfer and new companies can thrive. Connecting our campuses multiplies capability. Open innovation is at the heart of technology based clusters like London, Oxford and Cambridge.”

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