Two major announcements on dementia research and care have reaffirmed the UK's ambition to lead the fight against the condition, says MedCity leader Dr Eliot Forster

More than £300m will be invested in creating an international dementia research institute over the next five years, according to an announcement made by Prime Minister David Cameron. A separate multi-million pound fund will also be announced shortly to establish an international investment scheme to discover new treatments.

Broad plans to create a society that is more supportive of people with dementia announced by Mr Cameron also include training for all NHS staff and free training for members of the public to become ‘dementia friends’.

At the same time, NHS England and the Department of Health has launched a dementia ‘matchmaker scheme’. Join Dementia Research is calling for people with and without dementia to register to give their permission for scientists to contact them with studies that fit their profile.

Welcoming the news, Eliot Forster said: “These two schemes underline how seriously the UK is taking dementia research, and reaffirms our determination to be at the forefront of global efforts to understand, slow down, manage and ultimately cure this devastating condition.

“Dementia is amongst the most serious health challenges facing our society and will take concerted international collaboration to address. It’s terrific to see that the Government clearly understands this, and is willing to invest and take on this disease from every angle.”