Tech London Advocates (TLA), the London-based technology entrepreneurship network, has awarded its first HealthTech competition prize to 11Health

11Health has developed an innovative device and associated app – the first ever sensor technology in stoma care, the Ostom-i™ Alert.

11Health was founded by Michael Seres after becoming the 11th person in the UK to undergo a rare bowel transplant. Michael quickly realised that aftercare services had simply not caught up with the 21st Century and set about applying technology to the problems experienced by patients fitted with ostomy bags in managing their daily lives.

The judges were particularly impressed by the fact that this was a technology solving a real world problem that mattered to patients, and one that had the potential to help upwards of 5 million people world-wide.

Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates, said:

“ 11Health is an inspirational story – it is a company founded by a patient to enhance the lives of other patients. The device provides real time remote monitoring in an area of health that has previously never used technology. Michael has combined the passion and innovation required to turn a good idea into a successful health tech business. Tech London Advocates will continue offering support to the startup in the year ahead.”

Eliot Forster, Executive Chair of MedCity, says:

“I’m delighted Michael has won this competition, not least because he provides a very useful reminder that the people who use healthcare are the ones who best understand the experience of managing a particular condition, and very often are ahead of professionals in embracing new technologies. They must be viewed as a valuable and potentially transformative partner for healthcare providers. Michael is a brilliant example of how patient innovation can both improve lives and advance the UK’s standing as one of the world’s leading entrepreneurial economies.”​

The company will benefit from a bespoke support package to accelerate growth in the tech healthcare sector. Michael was given the opportunity to tell the 11Health story at the recent Tech London Advocates event in Bloomberg, attended by Ed Vaizey and some 300 committed TLA Advocates.

The event also saw the launch of the 2015 Competition. The initial closing date is 28th Feb 2015 and prospective applicants only need to fill out a simple on-line form to enter :-

Technology has huge potential to lead to really meaningful innovations in the health sector and Tech London Advocates is keen to help new business get involved in the sector. The total turnover by the medical technology sector alone was £17.6bn, it was announced Feb 2014.

The competition is run in conjunction with MedCity, the Mayor of London’s new initiative to promote London as a world class centre for medical and biomedical business, innovation and research.

This competition is about bringing together people that can help provide the rocket boost these entrepreneurs need to grow their businesses, reach new customers and develop new ideas. Promoting a healthy tech scene is an important part of our goal to help nurture tech hubs that will lead to regional and national ecosystem.

The 2015 winner will have the opportunity to pitch their idea to the wider TLA network, where up to 1,000 TLA members from across the tech community gather to address key issues facing the technology sector. TLA will continue to support the winning company by offering mentoring and a range of advisory services throughout the year.

About 11 Health

11Health is based just outside London and was established in early 2013 by Michael Seres. The company has developed the first ever sensor technology in stoma care known as the Ostom-i™ Alert.

Michael was diagnosed with the incurable bowel condition Crohn’s Disease aged 12. After over 20 operations and intestinal failure he became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the UK at The Churchill Hospital, Oxford, England. As part of hi bowel transplant he had to have an ileostomy. It took him about 3 weeks to actually look at my stoma and then another week to pluck up the courage to change the bag. His own experience as an ostomy patient led him to designing the initial Ostom-i prototype and the creation of 11Health.

The sensor is a discrete innovative device that alerts patients as to how full their ostomy bags are so that they can decide if and when to empty them. The device clips on to any ostomy bag sending Bluetooth alerts to an app on your mobile device telling you that your bag is filling up. You can set individual alerts as to when you wish to be notified. The device also captures guidance information about volume of output over a time period and allows you to email that information. In addition this data is stored safely on our website allowing you to access it at any given time.