MedCity has welcomed recommendations by the London Health Commission, published today, to put London at the centre of the global digital health revolution

Proposals in the Better Health for London report intend that MedCity will coordinate the creation of a new Digital Health Institute and Accelerator in partnership with London’s Academic Health Science Networks, which have also welcomed the report.

Digital health is a rapidly growing part of the healthcare system, with enormous potential to improve both patient care and the health and wellbeing of populations by giving people direct access to their own health data – from monitoring blood pressure to managing long-term conditions such as diabetes. London and the south east is ideally placed to take a pioneering role, with world-leading universities, medical centres and research institutes in a relatively small geographic location, combined with a vibrant and growing technology sector.

The Institute will coordinate a clear strategy for digital health in the capital and also tackle persistent challenges that slow down new technologies reaching the healthcare system, including limited access to investment for early-stage companies and lack of clarity on how innovations are adopted by the NHS. Dr Eliot Forster, Executive Chair of MedCity, says:

“These proposals lay the foundations that will see this region become the place to be for digital health entrepreneurs, in an environment that embraces new ideas and helps establish a clear path to market. By bringing together experts from frontline healthcare, technology and industry we can take digital health innovations from basic research all the way through to products that empower people to understand and manage their own health. This creates real opportunity to improve both health and our economy.”

The London Health Commission was appointed by the Mayor of London and chaired by surgeon and former Health Minister Lord Darzi. The full report is available online here.