***The Angels in MedCity website is currently down***

MedCity’s Angels in MedCity initiative is growing a new community of angels focused specifically on life sciences to invest into innovative life sciences/healthcare businesses.

Angels in MedCity is a collaboration between MedCity and Newable which aims to help emerging innovative businesses in a wide range of sectors to raise investment funding and thereby facilitate further job creation in London. Angels are individuals who normally invest in companies in the early stage through to the revenue-generating stage when they want to expand further. They invest alone or as part of a syndicate, and can be a valuable source of experience, expertise and contacts as well as funding

Since its launch in October 2014, the scheme has brought together around 300 potential investors and held regular pitching events at which over 50 companies have presented their investment opportunities. Several companies have so far secured investment of angel syndicates through the scheme (see below).

Find out more about upcoming events at angelsinmedcity.org.uk or on this website. You may contact Joana Neves Dos Reis for more information.



Successful Investments

BeamLine Diagnosticsis developing a biopsy triaging system that can identify healthy and benign tissue specimens with high accuracy within seconds.
HQ: Didcot
CEO: Liberty Foreman
Website: beamlinediagnostics.com
Clustermarket gives scientists the opportunity to access latest technology in an easy and affordable way by providing an online sharing platform.
HQ: London
CEO: Johannes Solzbach
Website: clustermarket.com
LiveSmart is developing a digital health improvement platform that is effective at driving behaviour change.
HQ: London
CEO: Alex Heaton
Website: getlivesmart.com
The Electrospinning Company designs, develops and manufactures biomaterials for use in regenerative medical devices.
HQ: Oxfordshire
CEO: Ann Kramer
Website: electrospinning.co.uk

Eagle Genomics develops software solutions for pharmaceutical, biotech and personal care product companies to bring new candidate medicines, therapies and products to patients and customers more quickly.
HQ: Cambridge
CEO: Abel Ureta-Vidal
Website: eaglegenomics.com

Oppilotech develops novel antibacterial compounds against drug resistant organisms.
HQ: London
CEO: Ajay Mistry
Website: oppilotech.com

mOm Incubators has developed an inexpensive, electronically controlled, inflatable infant incubator designed and built to decrease the number of infant deaths.
HQ: London
CEO: James Roberts
Website: momincubators.com

Jupiter Diagnostics has developed a point-of-care diagnostic reader, allowing anyone to perform quick, affordable blood tests.
HQ: London
CEO: Chris Ball
Website: jupiterdiagnostics.com

OxTex is pioneering novel tissue expander solutions for the primary use in reconstructive and dental surgery.
HQ: Oxford
CEO: David Jackson
Website: oxtex.com

Camstent has invented a catheter coating to prevent infection and reduce associated costs.
HQ: Cambridge
CEO: Paul Harper
Website: camstent.com

Sense is developing user-centred, handheld diagnostic test devices in the fields of infection and oncology.
HQ: Oxford
CEO: Harry Lamble
Website: sense-bio.com

Jellagen produces research grade functional non-mammalian collagen products sourced from jellyfish.
HQ: Cardiff
CEO: Andrew Mearns Spragg
Website: jellagen.co.uk
Nalia Systems  is a developer of customisable immunodiagnostic systems that accelerate biomedical research and drug discovery and development, producing simple, accurate and cost-effective biomarker panels that enable patient stratification and rapid go/no-go decision making.
HQ: London
CEO: Nigel Davis
Website: naliasystems.com

StepJockey is a digital health company that creates healthy, active spaces with their unique smart signs and stair climbing challenges.
HQ: London
CEO: Paul Nuki
Website: stepjockey.com
Desktop Genetics is building a CRISPR AI that enables scientists to modify any cell, in any species by designing and executing personalized CRISPR genome editing, right from their desktop.
HQ: London
CEO: Riley Doyle
Website: deskgen.com