As therapeutic digital health tools develop at an increasing pace, it is important that they are clinically effective and offer economic value.

A working group led by NHS England, and including MedCity, National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE), Public Health England, and DigitalHealth.London, is developing guidance and standards to address and streamline support on this issue.

The project aims to make it easier for innovators and commissioners to understand what ‘good’ evidence for digital tools looks like, whilst meeting the needs of the NHS and patients. Developing technologies is a collaborative process and this project is bringing key parties together, including innovators, commissioners and other stakeholders, to understand their needs and experiences.

The goal is to develop a tool that points to appropriate evidence generation plans for different types of digital health tools by including a set of standards for generating evidence of effectiveness and economic impact.

  •         Enable better NHS commissioning, with commissioners being better equipped to know what questions to ask developers about their evidence generation plans and what to expect back;
  •         Provide guidance and advice to digital health innovators and clinical innovators on how the NHS makes decisions and the standards of evidence expected from them;
  • Facilitate a dynamic, value driven market, setting clear standards to help the development of high quality health products that can be more easily adopted and integrated into the health system

For more information please speak with Dr Indra Joshi, Project Lead and Clinical Lead at NHS England, at

What does this mean for you?

Find out who is involved in the project, how it came about, and what is in it for companies and commissioners by clicking below.  Detailed FAQs are coming soon.

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How to get involved

Developing this framework is a collaborative process, requiring input from innovators, commissioners and other stakeholders. We would like to invite you to contribute your initial thoughts and help design the Evidence for Effectiveness framework at our workshops. Your input is crucial in helping industry better understand the evidence they need to generate and in helping commissioners identify the evidence they should be looking for.

We have a number of workshops for companies and commissioners to get involved in – these are now oversubscribed, but we still want your involvement:

  • Express your interest if you would like to be involved in future workshops, by email to
  • We are also interested in receiving case studies against which the evolving framework can be tested. Click here to find out what we are looking for.
  • Email us with your thoughts on the project, the challenges you have faced in and/or the types of guidance you need to Dr Indra Joshi at

Upcoming Events

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